Bulk water supply

Bulk water FAQs

What is the difference between a pre-paid and commercial tag

Pre-paid tags are issued to individuals and companies who do not require a food licence. These tags can be processed at the time of application and can be topped up with dollar value up to $990.00 at the following locations:

Bundaberg Administration Centre 190 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg
Childers Service Centre 45 Churchill Street, Childers
Gin Gin Service Centre 4 Dear Street, Gin Gin

Commercial tags are only issued to registered businesses and require a credit account to be set up with Council to enable tax invoices to be issued for water consumption.

What other water supply options are available for businesses?

Metered standpipes are also available for hire from Council.

Can I fill a 1,000 litre tote at a 100mm filling station?

A 1,000 litre tote can be filled at a 100mm filling station although you will be required to supply your own camlock fitting and a delivery hose. It is recommended that the hose size be reduced to 50mm which will slow the fill rate.

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