Metered standpipes


How to apply for a metered standpipe

Approval must be obtained from Council for the connection to our water infrastructure as well as the hire of metered standpipes.

The application to remove water from Council's water infrastructure via a metered standpipe must be completed in full and all associated fees must be paid before approval is granted.

Metered standpipes are to be collected at, and returned to the Operations Centre located at 2 Victoria Street, Bundaberg East between the hours of 7.30 am and 3.15 pm, Monday to Friday.

The hirer, and and any employee or person acting on their behalf, must comply with all Acts, policies, procedures, conditions and requirements when using a metered standpipe and the hirer must accept full responsibility for any damage to person or property as a consequence of such use.

Metered standpipe application form



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