Bulk water supply

Tag system and pricing

All approved pre-paid bulk water users have the option to purchase water, either by:

  • Bringing the touch tag to any Council Service Centre and make payment in person, or
  • Phoning 1300 883 699 during business hours to make payment over the telephone, quoting the touch tag number and utilizing Council's remote top-up payment process.

A bulk water touch tag can be credited with a maximum dollar amount of up to $990.00.  If the remaining value on the tag plus the top-up value exceeds $990.00, the last remote top-up will remain pending. This pending top-up value will not be seen at the bulk water filling station until the remaining value plus the top-up value is the total of $990.00 or less.

For remote top-up payments only, the top-ups payments can only be added in $25.00 increments, for example: $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, etc.

Once payment has been received and credit is placed on the bulk water touch tag, the touch tag can then be used at any approved bulk water filling stations assigned to the bulk water touch tag.  The amount of water taken, when using the bulk water touch tag, is recorded and the costs is then subtracted from the total available credit on the touch tag.

2023/24 bulk water pricing
Pre-paid application (one off payment for purchase of tag) $88.00
Commercial application $348.00
Commercial annual renewal $332.00
Cost of replacement tag $72.00
Potable water $2.20 per kilolitre
Non-potable water $1.71 per kilolitre


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Bulk water supply related links