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Council will only accept search requests submitted using this application form. Applications can be submitted via post, email or in person.

All conveyancing search results will be returned via email.

Applications will only be processed upon receipt of payment. Applications are unable to be cancelled once processed.

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Council recommends this search when purchasing a property and includes the following:

  • Ownership details
  • Property address and real property description including area of property
  • Rateable valuation information
  • Rates and water levies including any arrears, interest and concessions
  • Property zoning information
  • Sundry property debt if applicable
  • If property is in benefitted water and sewerage areas and if connected to water or sewerage
  • Flood advice – provides link to a free flood report
  • Sewerage/Stormwater plan if sewerage main traverses the land
  • Acknowledgment of permit, licences or regulatory advices if required
  • Any requisitions or other advices if required

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