Types of searches

A conveyancing search can be undertaken upon request and payment to Council. The fees for the current financial year are available on our Fees & Charges.

Types of searches are:

  • Rates/Property (allow a minimum of five business days)
  • Rates Financial Search (allow a minimum of three business days)
  • Special Water Meter Reading (only read on Tuesday & Thursday. Application must be received two days prior to reading date and allow three business days after the read date for completion)
  • Building compliance (Standard five business days & Urgent two business days).
  • Copies of Certificate of Classification or Final Inspection Certificate (allow five business days)
  • Building Approved Plans (allow five business days)
  • Planning and Development Certificates (time varies dependent on the type of planning and development certificate requested)
  • Plumbing search (allow five business days). This search is relevant if the customer wishes to know of any plumbing issues prior to a contract going unconditional.

Please note: Please check with your client or with Council if you are unsure whether this parcel is connected to a water meter and if a reading is required. A refund of a special water meter reading fee will not be given where the property is not connected to a water meter.

The conveyancing search application form 'Application for Rates Property Search / Building Search & Special Water Meter Reading' found below must be completed and returned to Council with the applicable fee. All enquiries are to be directed to Council's Revenue Department.

View Conveyancing Search application form


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