Special water meter reading

This search is for consumption charges that have not yet been billed (water readings and consumption that will be billed on future notices).

Council recommends this search when purchasing a property connected to Council’s reticulated water supply. Meters are read on Tuesday and Thursday only.

Applications must be received two business days prior to the 'Date to be Read' and allow three business days after 'Date to be Read' for completion.

Please check with Council if you are unsure whether the parcel is connected to water and if a reading is required. A refund will not be given where the property is not connected to a water meter.

Information provided is:

  • Ownership details
  • Real property description
  • Meter details (Location/Meter number)
  • The current water meter read, date of read and calculation of charges.
  • The previous water meter read, date of read and calculation of charges.
  • Calculation of charges on special water meter Reading are un-posted and therefore are not included on the rates property search.
  • Building Compliance Search or Copy of Certificate of Classification or Final Inspection Certificate

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