Childers Neighbourhood Centre

Emergency relief

From time to time people find themselves in a crisis. The Childers Neighbourhood Centre offers Emergency Relief Funds through Department of Social Services.

This programme can provide assistance with:

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Prescriptions
  • Bill payment
  • Other as assessed

To assist in the assessment process please provide:

  • Centrelink statement of income (current)
  • Any other statement of income (wages)
  • Evidence and receipts of any expenses such as:
    • Rates
    • Electricity
    • Rent
    • Gas
    • Car registration
    • Water
    • Receipts for other expenses

Contact Childers Neighbourhood Centre

Community Development Officer Debra Murphy

Address: 69 Churchill Street
Childers QLD 4660

Telephone: 07 4130 4690