Coastlines and rivers

River clean up

Council is committed to cleaning up rubbish from our precious creeks and waterways, to help minimise the devastating impact it has on the quality of our waterways and our local wildlife.

Over the next two years charity organisation Ocean Crusaders will work with Council to remove flood debris and litter from the Burnett River and creeks in Bundaberg.

Ocean Crusaders are a highly skilled and specialised team who are passionate about the environment and have the necessary equipment to do large scale clean ups.

On their first trip to Bundaberg in August 2020, Ocean Crusaders removed four tonnes of rubbish over a week, including 43 tyres on their first day.

Volunteers welcome

The community are encouraged to assist the crew when they are in town. Children are welcome and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The vessels can accommodate between three to four volunteers at a time with clean ups running for two hours. 

Check back on this page and keep an eye on the Ocean Crusaders Facebook page for volunteer opportunities.