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The Bundaberg Region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. There are many to choose from with Bargara being only 15 minutes from Bundaberg City. Elliott Heads, Moore Park Beach, Burnett Heads, Innes Park and Woodgate Beach all offer beautiful swimming and family fun areas.

Queensland Surf Life Saving provides patrols at a number of our local beaches on weekends and school holidays. Bundaberg Regional Council financially supports the patrol initiatives of the local Surf Life Saving Clubs:

  • Moore Park Surf Life Saving Club
    Moore Park Beach
  • Oaks Beach (Burnett Heads)
    There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach.
  • Bundaberg Surf Life Saving Club
    Nielson Beach (Bargara) 
    Kellys Beach (Bargara)
  • Elliott Heads Surf Life Saving Club
    Elliott Heads Beach

Check the Beach Safe website for an update of scheduled patrols.

Moneys Creek Causeway Gate Operation Guidelines - 2021

Bundaberg Regional Council regularly opens the tide gates on the causeway located at Moneys Creek Lagoon near Kelly's Beach, Bargara. The gates are operated in conjunction with tides that are high enough to allow sea water to enter the lagoon, and to enable the lagoon water to flush out, allowing a mix of fresh and salt water and the movement of fish through the causeway. This is typically carried out once a month in conjunction with either a 'full' or a 'new' moon tide.

Other circumstances in which Council may operate these gates include large rainfall events to alleviate the backing up of storm water in the Moneys Creek system, or to manage dissolved oxygen levels in the lagoon when temperatures are very high and no rainfall is predicted. These two modes of operation are important for managing infrastructure and for managing the quality of the water in extreme weather conditions.

Council aims to avoid peak times for beach goers, such as school and public holidays and weekends. The operation of the tide gates does force the closure of the bathing area located on the beachside (eastern side) of the causeway on Moneys Creek outlet. This area is closed off for safety when tide gates are in operation so please pay attention to the NO SWIMMING signs located throughout this area.

Please note that this timetable is a guide and may be subject to change, for example due to climatic variation, environmental conditions and for safety.

This tide gate operation timetable has been developed using the Bundaberg (Burnett Heads) Tide Table Copyright of the Bureau of Meteorology. The full tide chart and relevant disclaimers can be viewed here.

Disclaimer and tide timetable 2021

Month Opening Closing
January 2021 Wednesday 27  Friday 29
February Monday 8  Thursday 11
March Monday 1 Wednesday 3
March Monday 29 Wednesday 31
April Tuesday 27 Thursday 29
May Monday 24 Thursday 27
June Monday 21 Thursday 24
July Tuesday 20 Thursday 22
August  Monday 9  Wednesday 11
September Monday 6  Thursday 9
October Tuesday 5 Thursday 7
November  Monday 1 Thursday 4
December Monday 6 Wednesday 8

Please contact Council's Natural Resource Management team on 1300 883 699 if further information is required.

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