Coastlines and rivers

4WD and our beaches

Driving on the beach is a popular activity along the coast of Queensland. Due to the fragile nature of the coastline 4WD activity is restricted to two beaches in the Bundaberg Region.

  • Moore Park Beach
    • North – vehicle access is in Royal Palms, north of Sylvan Drive, with vehicles only able to travel north towards the Kolan River.
    • South – vehicle entrance point is via Lassig Street, with south travel only.
  • Woodgate Beach
    • South – vehicle access is from the southern-most beach access, with vehicles only able to travel south towards the Burrum River.

When driving on our beaches, be considerate of other beach users. Stay alert, all Queensland road rules apply and drive carefully. Use only designated access points to the beach, keep off the sand dunes and drive on the hard sand between the low and high tide mark.

The sand dune environment is fragile, coastal grasses and plants are easily damaged. The vegetated dunes are an important ecosystem, providing habitat for wildlife and nesting turtles and absorbing wave energy during storms and cyclones.

Beach driving can be carried out responsibly and have a low impact by following some simple guidelines:

  • Observe all the laws and regulations relating to the use of vehicles on beaches
  • Access tracks can change quickly, always use designated access tracks and check conditions
  • Protect your vehicle, drive on the hard sand between low and high tide
  • Drive on the beach around the low tide time, don’t risk being stuck as the tide rises
  • Driving on dunes is dangerous, protect your vehicle and the environment, don’t drive on the sand dunes
  • Allow shorebirds to rest, they may have travelled long distances, please do not disturb them
  • Drive during the day, turtles can emerge any time of the night and early morning
  • Keep a look out for hatchling turtles, they can be hard to see
  • Carry your rubbish home, if others have left a mess consider cleaning it up.

Council is taking steps to ensure our beaches are safe and enjoyable by undertaking beach patrols to check on unlawful use of 4WD vehicles in restricted areas.

Don’t ‘bust dunes’ protect them! For more information the Department of Environment and Science provide a Driving on Sand Safety Guide.