Hazards in the Bundaberg Region

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Riverine flooding

The Bundaberg Region is prone to riverine flooding with several river catchments running through the local government area. The Burnett River Basin is vast and funnels the water to the ocean through the centre of Bundaberg.

The Bundaberg Regional Council in conjunction with the Bureau of Meteorology and neighbouring Councils operates a flood warning system for the main river catchments through river and rain gauges that enables accurate and timely flood warnings and forecasts.

The severity of flooding is termed as minor, moderate or major according to the effects felt in the local area.

Minor flooding causes inconvenience. Low-lying areas next to water courses are inundated. Minor roads may be closed and low-level bridges submerged. In urban areas inundation may affect some backyards and buildings below the floor level as well as bicycle and pedestrian paths. In rural areas, removal of stock and equipment may be required.

In a moderate flood, in addition to the above, the area of inundation is more substantial. Main traffic routes may be affected. Some buildings may be affected above the floor level. Evacuation of flood affected areas may be required. In rural areas, removal of stock is required.

Major flooding will also cause extensive inundation of rural areas and/or urban areas. Many buildings may be affected above the floor level. Properties and towns are likely to be isolated and major rail and traffic routes closed. Evacuation of flood affected areas may be required. Utilities, such as power, phone and water services, may be impacted.

You should become familiar with your catchment and the flood classification levels for that catchment.  To find out more, view the following Bureau of Meteorology videos:

For more information about flooding in the Bundaberg Region, visit our Burnett River Flood Information page.

Flash flooding

Flash flooding is the result of short intense bursts of localised rainfall, typically from a thunderstorm. This type of flooding can impact local roads where the drainage network can’t cope with the intense amount of rainfall.

This type of flooding resolves quickly as water tends to disperse once the storm passes. Flash flooding is common in the urban areas of our Local Government Area with low lying roads commonly impacted for a short period of time.

Remember! Never drive through swollen creeks or rivers and never swim in storm drains or flood affected areas

To find out how to prepare for disasters, visit our Get Ready page.

Disaster Dashboard

For information relating to flooding and road closures please visit the Disaster Dashboard.

Flooding and road conditions

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