Hazards in the Bundaberg Region


Earthquakes occur within the Bundaberg Region more often than you would think. In recent history earthquakes have been located within rural areas of the Bundaberg Region and have not caused damage to property or put lives at risk. It is important for you and your family to be familiar with the dangers associated with earthquakes and what to do should one occur.

Earthquakes are unpredictable and strike without warning. They range in strength from slight tremors to great shocks lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes.  The magnitude of an earthquake is recorded by a seismograph using the Richter Scale.

Earthquakes can cause:

  • Damage to the electricity and telecommunication networks, caused by fallen power lines;
  • Broken or split sewer and water mains;
  • Damage to roads and bridges that may make them unsafe to drive on;
  • Landslides;
  • Destruction or damage to buildings making them unstable and unsafe.

To find out how to prepare for disasters, visit our Get Ready page.

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