Hazards in the Bundaberg Region


Across the Bundaberg Region, we are often faced with the threat of bushfires, especially during prolonged dry weather. Bushfires can be caused by lightning strikes, sparks from equipment such as welders, discarded cigarette butts, uncontrolled fuel reduction fires, or camp fires.

Bushfires can become a major disaster. Whether you live in town or in a rural area, it is essential you have considered what you and your family would do if a bushfire was to threaten your home.  During a bushfire you and your family’s survival and safety depend on your preparations, and the decisions you make. Whether your plan is to leave early or stay, you must prepare your home and property to increase your chances of survival.

The Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is an early indicator of potential danger and should be your first trigger for action. The higher the rating the greater the need for you to act. 

The FDR is an assessment of the potential fire behaviour, the difficulty of suppressing a fire, and the potential impact on the community should a bushfire occur on a given day.  A Fire Danger Rating of ‘low-moderate’ means that fire will burn slowly and that it will be easily controlled, whereas a FDR in excess of ‘catastrophic 100+’ means that fire will burn so fast and so hot that it will be uncontrollable.

For a comprehensive guide of what to do to prepare, act and survive refer to www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au

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