Hazards - Know your risks

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There are different types of flooding that affect our region:

Riverine flooding happens when widespread and prolonged rain falls over the catchment area.

The impact of riverine flooding is dependent on the flood level classification:

  • Minor flooding causes inconvenience such as closure of minor local roads and low bridges.
  • Moderate flooding causes low lying areas to be inundated, requiring removal of stock, equipment and evacuation of homes. Some major roads or access points may be covered.
  • Major flooding causes extensive inundation of rural and/or urban areas with isolation of towns and property causing extensive damage.

Flash flooding usually results from relatively short, intense bursts of rainfall, commonly from thunderstorms. Flash floods are usually local, and it is difficult to provide effective warning because of their rapid onset. This type of flooding resolves quickly as water tends to disperse once the storm passes.

What are the local risks?

The Bundaberg Region is prone to riverine flooding with several river catchments running through the area. The Burnett River Basin is vast and funnels water to the ocean through the centre of Bundaberg.

It is important that everyone is prepared for future riverine floods and understands how floods might impact them. Bundaberg Regional Council offers free access to Burnett River flood information. Check your flood risk here.

Flash flooding is common in the Bundaberg Region with low lying roads commonly impacted for a short period of time. 


Bundaberg Regional Council in conjunction with the Bureau of Meteorology and neighbouring Councils operates a flood warning system for the main river catchments through river and rain gauges. This enables accurate and timely flood warnings and forecasts. 

You can Opt-In on the Bundaberg Disaster Dashboard to receive alerts on river levels.

How to Prepare

What to do during

After an event


  • Pay attention to all warnings.
  • Do not go sightseeing.
  • Check and offer help to neighbours, friends and family. 

Disaster Dashboard

For information relating to flooding and road closures please visit the Disaster Dashboard.

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