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Does Council have a Preferred Supplier list?
No, Council does not have a Preferred Supplier list. Council may tender for a preferred supplier arrangement for goods or services for a period of 2 years should it be determined they are able to obtain better value for money by accumulating the demand.

How are Preferred Supplier arrangements advertised?
The invitation is made by advertisement in a newspaper that circulates in the local government area (normally Bundaberg News Mail) and displayed on BRC's website.

I'm a new supplier to the area and I wish to do business with Council, who do I talk to?
Council's Procurement team are happy to help suppliers with any questions.


Phone: 1300 883 699 and ask for Strategic Procurement  & Supply section.

Who do I contact if I have an Account enquiry?
Council's Account Payable team.


Phone: 1300 883 699 and ask for the Accounts Payable section.

How and when are the current Prequalified or Approved Contractor panels reviewed or refreshed?
Approved contractors/suppliers on the panels will be notified by Council of the intent to refresh the panels (normally every 12 months). This will allow suppliers to add or remove items and to refresh pricing for the next 12 month term.Council will advertise in the local newspaper (normally Bundaberg News Mail) and on BRC's website to allow new businesses to apply to join existing panels.  For more information about doing business with Council, check out Doing Business with Council - A Guide for Suppliers & Contractor.

Who do I contact for further information?
Council's Procurement Team are happy to help suppliers with any questions.


Phone 1300 883 699

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