Doing business with Council


Felix was implemented to allow Council to set up its own Panel arrangements with the aim of streamlining the tender process for these arrangements and to manage the ongoing compliance required by Council once these arrangements are established.

Once qualified on a panel, suppliers can receive quote requests via SMS and email to which they can respond. Each supplier panel gives Council staff the ability to rate and review suppleirs based on their experience and supplier performance.

Panel Arrangements

Tenders for panel arrangements are advertised via Vendor Panel. Suppliers are encouraged to register at Vendor Panel.

Council's panel arrangements contain Pre-qualified Suppliers who have been assessed by Council as having the technical, financial and managerial capability necessary to perform contracts on time and in accordance with a requirements.

The assessment process is undertaken by inviting tenders to establish a panel of pre-qualified suppliers.

Council's current panels are shown below:

Contract No. Contract Name Term Start Expiry
PS/0077 Pre-Qual Supplier Hire of Plant & Equipment - Wet Hire 5 yrs Jan 2016 May 2021
PS/0078 Pre-Qual Supplier Hire of Plant & Equipment - Dry Hire 5 yrs Jan 2016 May 2021
TEN/1190 Pre-Qual Supplier Traffic Management 3 yrs Apr 2021 Mar 2024
TEN/0032 Pre-Qual Supplier Pest Management 5 yrs Dec 2016 Jun 2023
TEN/1191 Pre-Qual Supply of Premix Concrete 3 yrs Apr 2021 Mar 2024

Pre-Qual Supplier Roll On Roll Off (Skip Bins & Other Waste Services)

3 yrs Apr 2021 Mar 2024
TEN/0083 Pre-Qual Supplier Minor Building Works 3 yrs Dec 2016 Mar 2023
TEN/0104 Pre-Qual Supplier Recovery of Scrap Metals 3 yrs Dec 2016 Nov 2021
TEN/0105 Pre-Qual Supplier Minor Electrical/Telecom Works 5 yrs Dec 2016 Dec 2021
TEN/0110 Pre-Qual Supplier for Security Services 5 yrs Aug 2018 Dec 2021
TEN/0258 Preferred Supplier for Green Waste to Mulch at Council Waste Facilities 3 yrs Jan 2018 Dec 2021
TEN/0498 Pre-Qual Suppliers for Road Making Materials 5 yrs April 2019 Dec 2023
TEN/0503 Pre-Qual Suppliers for Supply of Advanced Trees 3 yrs Feb 2019 Jan 2022
TEN/0749 Preferred Supplier Arrangement for Project Services 3 yrs Aug 2019 July 2022
TEN/1193 Pre-Qual Suppliers for Weed Management 3 yrs Apr 2021 Mar 2024