After a disaster

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All hazards

  • Listen to your local radio for official warnings and advice;
  • If you need emergency assistance, phone Triple Zero ‘000’ – for life threatening emergencies;
  • Be cautious around fallen branches, debris and water as there could be hidden fallen power lines.  Always assume they are ‘live’ and dangerous.  Report them immediately to Triple Zero ‘000’;
  • Check with electricity and water authorities to determine whether supplies to your area have been interrupted and are safe to be turned on by you
  • If you experience tingles or shocks from electrical appliances or water taps, call Ergon immediately on 13 16 70, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report a life-threatening emergency.
  • If you’re experiencing dull or flickering lights, ‘brown out’, low voltage, or partial supply, turn off and unplug appliances at the power point. Do not touch your switchboard or anything metal in your home and call Ergon 13 22 96 to report a fault.
  • Check on your neighbours
  • Avoid driving unless for an emergency (to keep the streets free for emergency services)
  • Do not go sight-seeing or enter damaged buildings.
  • Watch animals closely – Keep all your animals under your direct control. If there has been damage to boundary fences pets may be able to escape from your home. Be aware of hazards at nose, paw or hoof level, particularly glass or downed power lines
  • Do not corner wild animals that have taken refuge in your home – provide an escape route by opening a window or door
  • Do not attempt to move any large dead animal carcass. Contact Council for help and instructions
  • Recognise the signs of disaster related stress. Profound sadness, grief, and anger are normal reactions to a disaster event.

For more information, please visit the Get Ready Queensland website

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