After a disaster

Returning home safely

For those who have evacuated:

There will be a coordinated assessment of damage and community impacts. This is needed to determine if return to the affected area is possible and to identify any special conditions which may need to be imposed.

Information will be provided to the affected community about:

  • what to expect when you return (e.g. what you will see, smell, feel, impacts to essential services such as sewage and power)
  • the residual risks returnees face
  • location of, and reason for, restricted areas
  • support services available in the vicinity (e.g. health, welfare, banking, insurance, education, childcare)
  • food and water supplies, access to fuel, hardware stores.

Dealing with insurance

Make sure you photograph everything first!

Contact your insurer or broker as soon as possible. Provide them with as much information available as you can. Making contact is critical to getting the claims process under way even if you do not know the full extent of damage to your property. Damaged or soiled items that may be a health hazard can be moved to a safe area or disposed of after being photographed but check with your insurer first!

Should you have enquiries, the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) is the representative body of the general insurance industry in Australia. They also offer information on non-insurance and under insurance.

Disaster Dashboard

For information relating to flooding and road closures please visit the Disaster Dashboard.

Flooding and road conditions

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