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Feral pigs

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Sus scrofa

Feral pigs are a restricted invasive animal under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Feral pigs can cause major ecological damage to habitats through soil disturbance, trampling of vegetation and the spread of weeds. They are also known to consume a range of native animals including reptiles, small mammals and marine and freshwater turtles. Pigs also contribute to crop damage, and are known to carry many diseases that can infect other livestock or be transmitted to humans.

Land protection officers can provide advice on control options including baiting, hire of traps, or exclusion fencing.  Any successful baiting or trapping programme requires pigs to be pre fed to encourage them to enter traps or take baited materials. Shooting and hunting with dogs can also provide control of feral pigs.

For further information on the assistance available to landholders, visit the Landholders Assistance page or call 1300 883 699. 


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