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Feral Deer

Feral hog deer standing in a field

Feral deer are classed as restricted invasive animals under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

All sightings of Sambar deer must be reported to Biosecurity Queensland within 24 hours of the sighting.

There are a number of species of introduced deer in Australia including Fallow deer (Dama dama), Rusa deer (Rusa timorensis, Cervus timorensis), Sambar deer (Rusa unicolor syn. Cervus unicolor), Chital deer (Axis axis), Red deer (Cervus elaphus) and Hog deer (Axis porcinus).

Deer contained within a deer proof fence are not restricted invasive animals. Deer not contained are considered feral or wild and are subject to control. Deer that escape farmed situations can quickly revert to a wild state.

Deer impact on the natural environment by eating native vegetation, damaging trees, spreading weed seeds and fouling water. Deer can also damage agriculture and horticulture crops, commercial flower crops, ring bark orchard trees, damage fences and irrigation systems and compete with cattle for pasture during dry times.

Deer are also considered a traffic hazard and can cause vehicle accidents.

Fallow deer and Red deer stags can be aggressive towards humans.

Deer control is often most effective between land managers, Councils and State agencies. Control methods range from shooting, trapping and exclusion fencing.

To report sightings of deer, please contact Council on 1300 883 699. 

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