Water Conservation

Rainfall in the Bundaberg region has decreased in recent months and with a hot dry summer forecast, it's important to conserve water for our environment and the future. 

There are currently no water restrictions applicable to the Bundaberg region. 

Every drop counts and being water-wise not only saves water but also money. There are many simple ways you can conserve water such as checking regularly for water leaks, watering the garden with a trigger nozzle or using a swimming pool cover. 

Here are some more simple ideas on how to conserve your water use:

  • Keep your shower to 4 mins long - almost 1/4 of household water is used in the shower!
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth - this will save 15 litres of water a minute
  • Store drinking water in the fridge - running the tap until cold uses 15 litres a minute
  • Connect your rainwater tank to your toilet & washing machine - this saves 50,000 litres a year!
  • Scrape your dishes before loading into the dishwasher & avoid pre-washing - this will halve your water use
  • Wait for a full load to do your washing - this saves 15,000 litres a year

How much water are you using every day - water conservation


For more information, visit the Australian Water Association. 

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