Water Conservation

Water Conservation at School

Raising awareness about water conservation within the school environment, students learn, comprehend, and develop lifelong habits on preserving our precious water resource.

By working together as a team, educators, and students can promote small but significant changes collectively leading to increased water conservation practices.

Council supports water education programs, resources and literature content, specifically created to support primary and middle schools, which can be obtained through the following links:

Queensland Government - Waterwise Educational Resources for Schools

National Water Week Resources

To further students education and experiences, Water Services offers excursions to our regions water and wastewater treatment plants.

For school or group bookings, please use the following link. 

Water Services Excursion Enquiry Form

Water Services also encourages students to participate in Work experience / Vocational experience placement.

This is done in conjunction with our Learning and Organisational Development group. There are selected areas in Water Services that allow you to see and gain knowledge around:

  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Plumbing Compliance
  • Reticulation (new and maintenance)
  • Electrical and Mechanical

To place your expression of interest, please use the following link. 

BRC Work Experience / Vocational Placement Request Form

Water Conservation in Schools