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  • Leave recyclables loose (do not bag)
  • Remove lids on drink bottles and containers
  • Fold boxes to save space
  • No need to crush tins and cans
  • Rinse recyclables for a better end product
  • Do not overfill bins or place large, heavy or hazardous objects in the bin
PLASTICS - Plastic Bottles and Jars

All plastic bottles and jars can be recycled, but please remember to remove the lids and rinse out to ensure a better end product.

Plastic Recycling - Factsheet   Plastic Recycling - Video

Container Refund Scheme - Containers for Change:  >>CLICK HERE<<

Some recyclable plastic products found in your home are:

Water bottles

Soft drink bottles (coloured and clear)

Juice bottles

Milk bottles (white and other)

Cordial bottles

Sauce bottles (BBQ, tomato, mustard etc)

Detergent bottles

Cleaning product bottles (toilet duck etc)

Vitamin and medicine bottles

Bathroom product bottles (shampoo, bubble bath, handwash etc)

Laundry liquid bottles

Plastic jars - spreads (peanut butter/

Plastic Containers

Some hard/ rigid containers can also be recycled - icecream containers, yogurt containers, butter containers, plant pots

Soft Plastics 

Soft plastics like plastic bags and plastic wrap should NOT go in the recycle bin.


METALS - steel and aluminium

Drink and food cans are normally made of aluminium or steel and both are easily recycled - this also includes aerosol cans (please remember to remove the plastic lid and nozzle before putting it in the bin.)

Some recyclable metal products found in your home are:

Aluminium foil Steel cans
Foil trays Aerosol cans
Soft drink cans Food tins


GLASS - bottle and jars

Glass jars and bottles either clear or coloured are 100% recyclable. Flat, plate or mirror glass however cannot be recycled.

Some recyclable glass products found in your home are:

Soft drink bottles Wine bottles
Glass jars - spreads Beer bottles


Cardboard / Paper

Cardboard can be recycled but it should be clean and of a size that fits loosely into a bin. Remember to fold large boxes down.

Some recyclable cardboard and paper products found in your home are:

Juice and milk cartons Boxes
Egg cartons Magazines
Pizza boxes Newspapers
Glossy inserts Telephone books

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