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Video Summary
Recycling right the benefits of recycling in the Bundaberg region featuring our local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) (2015)
Recycle right - plastic recycling the changes to plastic recycling in the region (2018)
Material recovery facility - recycling in bundaberg Meet the workers at our local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) - see how your recycling is processed (2019)
Recycle Right - Bin to MRF Follow the life cycle of your recycling - from placing it in your bin to kerbside bin collection to being processed in our local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) (2019)
Video Summary
Sustainable landfills achieving sustainable landfills, talks about our local state-of-the-art Bundaberg Regional Landfill (Cedars Rd) and how the waste and landfill is managed (2015)
Landfill gas flare gas flaring technology which is currently used at the Bundaberg Waste Management Facility (University Dr). System converts harmful methane gas which is generated by landfills into CO2 (2016)
Video Summary
Kerbside bin tips kerbside bin collection - hints and tips (2018)

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