Walk and cycle

Family in a local park

Walking and cycling in the region

The generally flat terrain across the Bundaberg Region lends itself perfectly to walking and cycling pursuits. The kilometres of pathway networks and the excellent bicycle trails and paths ensure these popular leisure activities can easily be undertaken across our region.

Walking is:

  • suitable for all fitness levels (including beginners)
  • free and a convenient way to be active
  • requires no special skills or equipment
  • can be enjoyed with friends, family or on your own

Riding is:

  • good for your health
  • environmentally friendly
  • a cheap way to travel
  • a fun way to enjoy the outdoors
  • a great way to spend time with friends and family

Popular rides in the Bundaberg Region
In conjunction with Bundaberg Regional Cycling Reference Group, Bundaberg Regional Council have developed a 10 Popular Rides in the Bundaberg Region Guide for visitors and locals.  

Download the 10 Popular Rides Z Card Map Flyer.