Smart water meters

Water meter close up

Smart water meter trial

Council is undertaking a trial of smart water meters throughout the region to address an ageing water meter fleet and embrace smart city technology.

The savings to Council from a full rollout of smart meters across the region is estimated at just under half a million dollars annually.

The two year scoping trial, which will monitor the effectiveness of several types of meters, will include about 1,250 households in locations across the region including Bundaberg CBD, Childers, Gin Gin and Burnett Heads. These locations suit the needs of the trial due to their diversity which provides a mix of residential and commercial entities in differing locations.

With smart water meters the data collected is invaluable from an operational point of view. Council can rationalise costs currently associated with manual reading as well as provide every customer with the ability to monitor personal water usage and identify potential leaks.

Smart water meters fact sheet

Smart water meter pilot maps

Bundaberg cbd smart water meter pilot map Burnett heads smart water meter pilot map
Childers smart water meter pilot map Gin gin smart water meter pilot map

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