Sewer blockages

Causes of a sewer blockage

Some causes of sewer blockage include:

  • The illegal connection of stormwater sumps or downpipes to the sewer causing them to overflow when it rains;
  • The connection between the private sewer and the sewer main is substandard;
  • Wastes that are not intended for the sewer, choking the system and leading to backflows of sewage within the property;
  • Tree roots entering through substandard drainage pipes, faulty joints or loose inspection openings;
  • Cracked sewer pipes that have been damaged by movement of the sub-soil, penetration of rocks, increases the risk of bad and leaking pipes or connections; and
  • Changes to the property by overloading the ground with retaining walls, building structures and vehicular traffic also can cause crush or flatten sewer pipes.

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