Sewer blockages from trees

What can I plant near sewer pipes?

The following three categories are a basic guide only - distances can vary depending on the type and condition of both the pipes and soil on your property. But remember that too far from a pipe is much better than too close. You should consult your local nursery if you still have concerns about planting a
particular species.

Plant at least 5 meters away from sewer pipes

Banksia  Lilac Chaste Tree
Baekea - all species Mexican Hawthorn
Bleeding Heart Tree Mock Orange
Escalionia - all varieties Night Scented Jassamine
Gordonia Orchid Tree Bauhinia
Grevillea Rondeletia
Hakea Skyflower / Duranta
Hawthorn / Maytree Teatree
Karo Wattle / Acacia
Lady of the Night Yellow Throat

Plant at least 10 meters away from sewer pipes

Almonds Japanese Maple 
Apricots Jerusalem Thorn
Arizona Cypress Judas Tree
Ash Juniper
Barberry / Berberis Kurrajong
Belah Laburnum
Boobialla Lilly Pilly
Camellia Mealy Stringy Bark
Cherries Monstera
Christmas Bush Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle Pampas Grass
Ebony Tree Peaches
Fiddlewood Plums
Flame Tree Rose She Oak
Flowing Tamarisk Saucer Magnolia
Frangipani Silver Leaved Mountain
Hibiscus Washington Thorn
Hybrid Flame Tree Weeping Pittosporu
Irish Strawberry Yorell

Species not recommended for planting 

Athel Tree Liquid Amber
Bamboo Magnolias
Bottle Brush / Callistemon Mango Tree
Bougainvilleas Oleander
Brush Box Pepper Tree
Camphor Laurel Pine
Canary Island or Date Pineapple Guava
Ceanothus Planes - all species
Chinese Hawthorn Poinciana
Claret Ash Poplars
Coral Trees Privets
Desert or Caucasian Ash Pyramid Tree
Elms Rhus Trees and Scrubs
Eucalyptus / Gums Robur Banksia
Evergreen Spindle Tree Rubber Tree
False Acacia / Black Locust Silk Oak
Figs - all species Tipu Tree
Firethorn Umbrella Tree
Flowering Crabs and Apples White Cedar
Hollies Willow
Jacaranda Wisteria

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