Trade waste

How do I apply?

Council requires all potential dischargers of trade waste to apply for approval.

It is illegal to discharge trade waste to Council’s sewerage system without prior approval. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are generating trade waste, please contact us. It is better to apply for approval, even if we determine it is not required.

When is a trade waste approval required?

A trade waste approval is required under the following circumstances:

  • where trade waste is being or may be, generated at a premises and no trade waste approval has been issued
  • during the processing of a development or plumbing application for new or extended industrial/commercial premises with trade waste drainage
  • on change of tenancy or business ownership where the property has trade waste discharge where a change in process occurs that materially affects the trade waste volume or quality

Is there an application fee payable?

No application fee applies.

Who can complete the application?

The application for trade waste should be made by a representative of the business discharging liquid trade waste. The Application for Trade Waste Assessment form may also be made by the property owner or agent on the tenant’s behalf.

The generator must ensure that the property owner (or authorised representative) is aware of their application and acknowledges and agrees to the business use of the premises and subsequent responsibilities, fees and associated charges.

In the case where multiple generators operate from one property, a separate application for approval must be submitted for each generator.

You can also obtain the application form in person or by calling 1300 883 699

Does Council have a list of business types which require approval?

Trade waste approval is issued on a case by case basis. However, generally if you have a certain type of business, it is likely that you will require approval.

Examples (not limited to) are:

  • Businesses or organisations which serve or prepare food, eg. café, takeaway, restaurant, tuckshop, hotel, child care, bakery, butchery, supermarket, tuckshop, coffee shop, hospital, community facility etc.
  • Businesses or organisations which use oils or chemicals, eg. mechanical workshop, panel beating, metal finishing, manufacturing, printing, laboratory etc.
  • Businesses or organisations which discharge wash water, eg. laundry, car wash, truck wash, tyre fitting, glass cutting, cleaning, hospitality, accommodation etc.

Please select the link below to access our online interactive application form. Should you require a hardcopy please ring Council or visit one of our service centers. 

Trade Waste online application