Other Council charges explained

Waste collection and community environment charges

Below is a list of Council charges that can be included in a rate notice.

Waste collection charge

Waste collection charges are user-pays based charges which are levied on all properties receiving waste collection in the defined service area to recover associated costs.
If ordering a new service for a new house, don’t forget to update your contact details.
For more information head to our waste and recycling page.

Community and environment charge

This charge is a separate charge which will be applied across the whole region for the general benefit of the regional community. This charge will provide Council with approximately $2 million per year which will be applied to partially finance important infrastructure and maintenance projects which may not otherwise have been possible and will be beneficial to the community in terms of growth and development. Council’s strategic approach is to foster a better future for our community and to attract investors and businesses to grow our commercial rating base and further minimise impacts on general ratepayers.

More information on Council charges can be found in the revenue statement contained in our budget document.

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