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Moving out

Moving out of a property in the Bundaberg Region? Here is some useful information and some tasks that you might need to add to your 'to do' list when moving out. :

Change of ownership notification after property settlement

If you're moving out because you have sold your property, it may take a number of weeks for Council to be officially notified of the change of ownership by the Department of Resources (DoR).

We can prevent any further notices for that property being sent to you if you let us know the settlement details, such as the settlement date, solicitor and purchaser details (if available), by contacting us by email, mail or in person. If you have bought another property in the Bundaberg Region, you can let us know your new address on the Change of Contact Details Form.

Please note: the sale of the property must have settled for the Council to be able to record this detail.

Please note: the waste collection bins stay with the property. They are not transferable.


Cancel direct debit (rates payments)

If you were paying your rates notices (for the property you are moving out of) by direct debit, make sure you cancel the agreement by completing and submitting an online Direct Debit Change Request form.


To de-register your BPay View

If you were paying your rates notices (for the property you are moving out of) by BPay View, make sure you de-register your details.


Update dog registration details

If your dog is currently registered with Council and you're moving to another property in the Bundaberg Region, complete and submit a form.

Remember to also let the microchip registry know that your contact details have changed.


Pensioner concessions

If you are moving out of one property and into another Bundaberg Region property, and hold a relevant pensioner concession card, you may be eligible for State Government subsidies and Council pension rebate concessions on your rate notice, as well as on dog registration if you have a pet dog.

If you already receive pension concession discounts on the property you're moving from, please note that pension concession entitlements on a property or for a dog registration are not automatically transferred to a new residence. You will need to let Council know about your move and complete a new application for concessions.

Rates pensioner concessions: Visit our Pensioner concessions pagefor details and how to apply for concessions at your new property, if purchasing again within our region.

Dog registration concessions: You will be asked to attach proof of eligibility when updating your pet's details.


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