Rates Pensioner Concessions

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How to apply for pensioner concessions

In person at council offices

To apply for the Pensioner Rates Rebate you will need to complete an application form which is available at all Council offices or can be downloaded using the link below. When submitting your application form to Council you will be required to present your current Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or Queensland Veterans' Affairs Card to be photocopied by a Council officer. If you apply for the pension rebate during the rates period, please bring your rate notice with you so an adjustment can be made before your rates are due.

Pensioner Rebate Application Form

Applying by email or post

 If you return your application by email or post you are required to provide a copy of your pension card with your application. All applicants must provide a current phone number so Council can contact them if there are any issues with their application.

Please send the application form and a photocopy of your pension card to Council by: