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Roads, pathways and drainage projects

A substantial portion of Council’s budget expenditure is directed towards the development and upgrade of essential infrastructure with roads, pathways and drainage projects among Council priorities.


Location of Works Project Works Expected Completion Further Information
Kleins Road, Woongarra  Pathway Renewal  January 2024 Newsletter
Branyan Road State School, Branyan Carpark Upgrade  February 2024 Newsletter
Anzac Park, Bundaberg Central Drainage Improvements February 2024 Newsletter
Lines Road, South Kolan  Stormwater Pipe Replacement  February 2024 Newsletter
Paynes Road and Birthamba Road, South Kolan Intersection Upgrade  March 2024 Newsletter
Bourbong Street and O'Connell Street, Millbank Intersection Upgrade  March 2024 Newsletter
Breeze Drive, Bargara  Pedestrian Refuge and Pathway March 2024 Newsletter
Limpus Crescent, Kalkie Road Renewal  March 2024 Newsletter
Birthamba Road, South Kolan Road Widening April 2024 Newsletter
Gin Gin Post Office, Gin Gin  Pathway Renewal  April 2024 Newsletter
Foleys Road, North Gregory Road Widening May 2024 Newsletter
Wallaville Goondoon Road, Bungadoo Culvert Repairs  TBA Newsletter
Branyan Street, Norville Culvert Inspection  TBA Newsletter
Bucca Road, Bucca Bridge Refurbishment TBA Newsletter
Sims Road, Walkervale Pathway Renewal TBA Newsletter
Kendalls Road, Avoca Pathway Construction April 2023 Newsletter
Booyan Road, Moore Park Beach Road Upgrade April 2024 Newsletter
Bitumen Resurfacing, Various Locations Road Resurfacing February 2024 Newsletter
Johanna Boulevard / Commercial Street, Kensington Intersection Upgrade  June 2024 Newsletter
Bonna Road, Branyan Road Widening August 2024 Newsletter
Kevin Livingston Drive, Isis Central Road Rehabilitation May 2024 Newsletter

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