Flood information

Flood Hazard Area Resolution 1/2021

Council at its meeting held 21 December 2021 adopted flood hazard areas for the purposes of section 8 of the Building Regulation 2021. The flood hazard area resolution took effect from 1 March 2022.

The flood hazard areas designated by Council are shown in the mapping included in Council’s ‘Natural Hazard Evaluation Report – Flood’ and are utilised as flood hazard overlay mapping in Council’s interactive mapping.

The designated flood hazard areas include areas that Council has flood study/ modelled data available, as shown in table 1 of the Natural Hazard Evaluation Report - Flood. For these areas, Council has declared defined flood levels (DFLs), maximum flow velocities and inactive or backwater areas (where this data is available) to ensure that particular building work takes into account the effects of flooding from the defined flood event (e.g. Burnett River 2013 flood event).

For areas that Council does not currently have flood study/ modelled data, Council has used the State Government's Interim floodplain assessment mapping (State Planning Policy mapping, previously released by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority). While there is no DFL or flow velocity data for these areas, the Planning Scheme includes criteria for development that is accepted subject to requirements and assessable development.

Information regarding the Council's flood hazard area resolution and associated building standards can be found below: