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Does Council provide free food hygiene training?

IMPORTANT: Food Handler Training is not the same as Food Safety Supervisor training. 

For Food Safety Supervisor Training Click here.

Food Handler Training - online food safety course

With the introduction of new Australian Food Standard 3.2.2A, from 8 December 2023 businesses must ensure that each food handler:

  • has completed a food safety training course; or,
  • has appropriate skills and knowledge of food safety and hygiene commensurate with the food handling activity.

The I'm Alert online interactive course is provided for free for businesses within the Bundaberg Region and emphasises how food safety and hygiene is important for all food handlers to understand.

I'm Alert is easy to follow, includes an entertaining presentation, as well as quizzes and includes subjects such as contamination of food, storage, processing, display, packaging and transportation.

New food handlers should undertake this training, and all food handlers should regularly complete this training to refresh their food safety knowledge. Businesses should retain the certificates as evidence of training.

Please ensure that you have the following before commencing the training:

  • a reliable internet connection;
  • time to complete all the training in one session (takes 1.5 - 2 hours); and, 
  • a printer to print the certificate.

Please note: If you experience technical difficulties whilst using this service please contact the service provider using their contact page. Council cannot provide technical assistance.

Alternative food handler training courses are accepted. Prior learning may be recognised (e.g. previous training courses, or equivalent experience in the industry), and will be assessed during routine food safety inspections. Ensure that alternative training covers: 

  • safe handling of food;
  • food contamination through cross contamination;
  • cleaning of food premises and equipment;
  • cleaning and sanitising of food contact surfaces;
  • personal hygiene and hand washing; and,
  • temperature control (hot food hot - cold food cold). 

For more information please view the Mandatory Food Handler Training Info Bite fact sheet. 

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