Food safety and licensing

Does Council provide free food hygiene training?

I'm Alert - online food safety course

Food safety and hygiene is an important issue which is why Council has made a free online training course available for all residents.

The I'm Alert Food Safety interactive online training course is equivalent in scope to a two day consultant delivered program and has been developed by qualified and experienced Environmental Health professionals.

All food businesses have obligations relating to food safety and this training tool can help them achieve these goals.

The interactive, logical and easy learning format assists business owners and staff to develop the skills and knowledge required to ensure safe food for customers and to comply with obligations under the Food Safety Standards for Australia.

The program is easy to follow, includes an entertaining presentation as well as quizzes and includes subjects covering contamination of food, storage, processing, display, packaging and transportation.

The hygiene and health of persons who handle food, cleanliness, cleaning and sanitising and animals and pests are other issues covered in the course.

Following completion of the program a training acknowledgement form can be printed which forms part of required food safety records.

If you require a certificate after successful completion of this training, please ensure that you have the following before commencing the training:

  • A reliable internet connection
  • Time to complete all the training in one session (takes 1.5 - 2 hours)
  • A printer to print their own certificate

Please note: If you experience technical difficulties whilst using this service please contact the service provider using their contact page. Council cannot provide technical assistance.