Food safety and licensing

Are all food businesses required to have a Food Safety Supervisor?

Yes. All licensed food businesses, are required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).

With the introduction of new Food Standard 3.2.2A from 8 December 2023, most food businesses must ensure that their FSS holds a certificate from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) issued within the last 5 years

The food safety supervisor must hold the required competencies, and they must also:

  • have the ability to supervise food handling practices in the food business and authority to give instructions to food handlers around the safe handling of food;
  • know how to recognise potential food safety hazards of the business and ensure the risks are prevented or managed; and,
  • be reasonably available to advise and supervise food handlers.
New businesses:

For new businesses, the FSS will need to hold the certificate prior to commencing food handling activities.

Exempt businesses:

Very few businesses are exempt, please contact Council's Environmental Health Services for further information. 

For more information on food safety supervisor training and competency:

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