Commercial use of Council land and roads

Display of goods

The display of goods (for sale or hire) on roads or other local government controlled areas requires an approval under Subordinate Local Law 1.2 Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads 2011.

Footpath trading provides businesses with a great opportunity to display goods in the aid of enticing patrons into the business. Businesses can acquire a permit to place items such as clothes racks, tables and similar items on Council footpaths.

Traders must have all business related display items confined to the building or kerb side of the footpath and comply with the requirements as stated in the permit issued. Such requirements include;

  • Keeping a clear pathway for all pedestrians, and
  • Ensuring that the items are not display in front of a neighbouring premises, and
  • Using structures (as means of display) that are of safe construction; in a good condition and repair; and securely fixed to the footpath.

Fees are determinate on;

  • The location of the business, and
  • The size of space that the businesses is apply to use.
What zone does my business fall in?

The following maps can be used to identify the zone that your premises falls within.
Zone Fee (2019/2020)
Zone A - Bundaberg Core Central $44.00/sq. m
Zone B - Bundaberg Frame $36.00/sq. m
Zone B - Bargara Central Business District $36.00/sq. m
Zone B - Childers Central Business District $36.00/sq. m
Zone B - Gin Gin Central Business District $36.00/sq. m
Outside of Zones A & B $25.00/sq. m


Apply for a display of goods approval

If the area outside your premises is a public footpath, you need a display of goods permit to use the area.

A copy of the businesses Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million must be supplied with the application.

Application - Display of Goods Approval

Note: A display of goods approval is not required for premises which place displayed items on private property – with the land owner’s permission.


Amend or transfer an approval

If you want to amend or transfer an existing display of goods permit you need to apply to Council for approval.

Application - Transfer/Amend a Display of Goods Approval

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