Commercial use of Council land and roads

Mobile and stationary roadside vending

There are two types of roadside vending -

  1. Mobile roadside vending: where an operator trades goods or services (including food or drink) from a vehicle, travelling from place to place and is waived down by the customer.
    • Example: a mobile ice-cream van attracting customers by amplifying music while driving.
  2. Stationary roadside vending: where an operator trades goods or services (including food or drink) from a vehicle or stall at one specified site. This activity does not include footpath dining.
    • Example: a roadside stall selling fruit and vegetables.

Note: No roadside vending is permitted on Council’s parks or reserves unless Council calls for tenders. Please contact Council’s Parks, Sport & Natural Areas section for more information on 1300 883 699.

What are the general requirements?

To trade as a roadside vendor an approval must be obtained from Council to ensure the activity is carried out in accordance with the Subordinate Local Law 1.2 – Commercial use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads 2011 and Queensland Government’s guideline – Roadside Vending on State Controlled Roads.

The application process can take up to 30 days from date of submission to the final approval, should there be no further information required.

For the determination of a permit approval, the Bundaberg Regional Council has been classified into three specific areas. These areas are described as “Zones”.

Zone Description
Zone A - Bundaberg Core Central Business District Business District (bounded by northern Bourbong, eastern Maryborough, southern Woongarra and western Walla Streets
Zone B - Bundaberg Frame Bounded by western McLean Street, the Burnett River and Salt Water Creek but excluding areas in Zone A
Zone B - Bargara Central Business District Bounded by the western side of the Esplanade, southern side Burkitt, western See and northern Whalley Streets
Zone B - Childers Business District Bounded by northern and southern Churchill, eastern North and McIlwraith and western Lord and Stewart Streets
Zone B - Gin Gin Business District Bounded by northern Walker, southern King and eastern and western Mulgrave Streets
Zone C - Outside of Zones A &  B Any other area not identified in Part A and Part B.

Note: Roadside vendors are not permitted to trade:

  • Within the Zone A of the Bundaberg core central business district area;
  • Within 500m of a competitive business located in the Zone B central district area; and
  • Within 300m of a competitive business located in the Zone C district area.


Apply for a roadside vending permit

To apply for a Roadside Vending approval, you will need to submit a complete application to Council.

A copy of the businesses Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million must be supplied with the application.

If you are operating a food business then you may be required to hold a food license with Council. Please visit Council’s Food Safety and licensing page for further information.

Application - Roadside Vending Permit

Note: A roadside vending approval is not required for businesses who wish to operate on private property – with the land owner’s permission.


Amend or transfer a permit

If you want to amend or transfer an existing roadside vending permit you need to apply to Council for approval.

Application - Amend/transfer a Permit


Factsheet - Roadside Vending

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