Environmental nuisances


Overgrown properties

Local laws* require occupiers of land to keep their allotments free from overgrown vegetation which detracts from the aesthetics of the locality, creates potential health hazards, and attracts unwanted wildlife (such as snakes) and vermin.

Complaints and resolutions

Council’s local laws assist in managing vegetation that is overgrown or hazardous.

Before making a complaint to Council regarding overgrown properties, please consider the below examples and actions.

1. The grass length is less than two (2) cans high

Action: No action required

2. The grass length is more than two (2) cans high but under your knee height

Action: Contact your neighbour and fix it at the fence

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3. The grass length has been past your knee height (approx. 500mm) for over four (4) months

Action: Contact Council via Snap Send Solve. 

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*Read more about Councils Local Law No. 3 (Community and Environment) 2011 here.

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