Sister Cities


Nanning, Settsu and Luganville

The Sister City movement is a worldwide organisation which aims to promote friendship, understanding, goodwill and respect through a variety of people-to-people exchange programs. Bundaberg has three sister cities: Nanning, Settsu and Luganville.


Nanning is located in Southern China, about an hour by air, west of Hong Kong. It is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and is known as the "Green City" because of its many parks and trees. Situated on the Yong River, it experiences a subtropical climate with plentiful rainfall and sunshine. Its average annual temperature is 21.8 oC.

For further information about Nanning, visit the official website of the Nanning Municipal Government.


Settsu forms part of the extensive prefecture of Osaka, Japan's second biggest city. Formerly a rural city, it has developed into a residential and industrial city with a population of 94,000. The city resembles an "L" shape, stretching some six kilometres west to east and five kilometres north to south. The topography is generally flat, with the Yodo River flowing through the southern part of the city. Settsu enjoys a mild climate throughout its four seasons. For more information about Settsu, visit the Settsu City website.

Council Delegation 2019

A Bundaberg Regional Council delegation visited Nanning (19-23 September 2019) and Settsu (23-26 September 2019. A report on the visit is available here.


Luganville is the second largest city in Vanuatu after the capital Port Vila. It is located on the island of Espiritu Santo and has a strong tourism sector with attractions such as the Million Dollar Point dive site. The Luganville Food Market is a well-known place to obtain fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts as well as local crafts. The temperature varies between 20 and 30 degrees around the year, usually with plenty of rain.

For further information about Luganville, visit the Vanuatu Tourism website.