Sister Cities

Agriculture and trade

With a similar climate to Bundaberg, Nanning is also rich in agriculture and is one of the largest sugar cane growing areas in China.

In February 2014, A Bundaberg trade delegation led by the Mayor, Cr Mal Forman, visited Nanning. The mission included a number of representatives from local agricultural, manufacturing and tourism industries.

A locally (Coles Engineering) designed and manufactured sugar cane tipper secured a large order from Zhanjian Hanlinyuan Agriculture Science and Technology. The tippers are successfully exported to Nanning and Guangxi and well received by the cane growers. 

The Sister City relationship with Nanning also helped Bundaberg Ginger Beer to make a debut in the Chinese market. In April 2014, Nanning based businessman Mr Mo Jianpei purchased one container load (1500 carton boxes) of Bundaberg Ginger Beer product from Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. The company’s famous brewed product arrived at the Qinzhou Free Trade Port two months later and was welcomed by Chinese consumers in Nanning and Guangxi.