Council Statement

Advocacy - what’s in it for you?

A commitment to advocacy improves local infrastructure, increases job opportunities and offers a higher quality of life.

The Bundaberg Region has experienced a significant economic transformation since 2016 – in part attributable to the advocacy efforts of Bundaberg Regional Council.

Recognising the role that advocacy plays in securing resources essential for a growing economy and population, Bundaberg Regional Council continues to champion for our community’s fair share of funding from both State and Federal Governments.

Through strategic advocacy, Bundaberg Regional Council has successfully secured over $182m in additional funding since 2016.

This money has been used to enhance assets like roads, bridges, parks, playgrounds, and facilitate community programs, contributing towards improved liveability and quality of life for residents.

Thanks to Council’s healthy financial standing and funds obtained through advocacy, Council has been in the position to be able to invest $700m in local infrastructure projects over the past eight years. 

Beyond shaping our region’s landscape, this infrastructure has a significant impact on our local economy.

This infrastructure investment boosted our local economy by $1.53 billion, demonstrating the substantial impact of strategic advocacy.

Bundaberg Regional Council CEO Steve Johnston highlighted the critical role that advocacy plays in enabling Council to invest in projects without compromising overall financial health.

“This approach has led to significant job creation, with 568 jobs created across the region during the construction period of these projects, and an annual permanent impact of $13.9m, supporting 72 ongoing jobs.”

Mr Johnston said that understanding the significance of advocacy was paramount.

“In an increasingly competitive environment where Councils are competing with one another to secure their fair portion of resources, Bundaberg Regional Council’s commitment to advocacy has led to tangible outcomes for residents, including improved infrastructure, increased job opportunities, and a higher quality of life.”

Mr Johnston said the financial sustainability achieved by the Bundaberg Regional Council was a direct result of its advocacy efforts.

“By proactively engaging with higher levels of government, Council has secured funding and support for projects that might have otherwise been unrealised,” he said

“Financial sustainability not only ensures the ongoing prosperity of the region but showcases Council’s ability to successfully navigate the complex landscape of regional development.”

The Bundaberg Region’s exponential economic growth over the past eight years is proof that visionary leadership, solid financial management and strategic advocacy are an unstoppable trifecta in propelling our region forward in our pursuit of building Australia’s best regional community.

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