Council Statement

Council statement - Bundaberg Aquatic Centre.


Bundaberg Regional Council would like to address mistruths circulating within the media and on social media regarding the build of the Bundaberg Aquatic Centre.

The site at the Old Showgrounds was selected with the full background knowledge that it had previously been used for waste disposal.

This was taken into account with the Aquatic Centre's design and construction methods chosen.

The project remains on time and on budget. In fact, elements of the construction are well ahead of the original schedule.

Council and Woollam Constructions are working collaboratively to deliver a high-quality project.

Council has been fully transparent in terms of the project and residents are encouraged to utilise the project page on as a single source of truth.



The constraints around building on a landfill site were well known and documented throughout the design and tender process. The structure of the project is found on over 800 concrete piles to mitigate the effects of variable landfill.

The project has been and continues to be delivered methodically, safely and on program. At no point throughout the project have works been performed out of sequence, without necessary remediation works occurring, nor have they stopped due to unsuitable foundations or uncompacted landfill.

The design and tender process was carefully managed by the Bundaberg Regional Council project team and the level of documentation provided has positively supported the project and facilitated our progress to date.

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