Council meetings

Council chambers and civic centre from buss park

Information and meeting dates

One of the ways in which residents can participate in municipal affairs is by attending a Council Meeting.

Meetings of Council form an integral part of the planning, policy and decision making process.

Council Briefing Meetings are held once a month, generally on a Wednesday, commencing at 9.00 am (or as determined by Council).

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held once a month, generally on the last Tuesday of each month commencing at 10.00 am (or as determined by Council).

For more information call 1300 883 699.

Council agendas should be read in conjunction with the minutes to confirm Council's decision on an item. The listed minutes are unconfirmed until such times as they are adopted at the following Ordinary meeting.

Please note: If Council decides to change a scheduled meeting date or venue - an amended date/venue will appear on the following listing.


Please note: The livestream will only be activated on the day of the meeting, see below for dates.

Briefing Meeting Ordinary Meeting
24 May 2023 30 May 2023
21 June 2023 27 June 2023
19 July 2023 25 July 2023
23 August 2023 29 August 2023
20 September 2023 26 September 2023
25 October 2023 31 October 2023
22 November 2023 28 November 2023
13 December 2023 19 December 2023

View past meeting recordings

Please contact Council for agendas and minutes of Ordinary Meetings held prior to 2016.

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