Deputations to Council

A deputation wishing to attend and address a meeting of Council needs to apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer not less than seven business days before the meeting.

The Chief Executive Officer, on receiving an application for a deputation, will notify the Chairperson who shall decide if the deputation may be heard.

The Chief Executive Officer will inform the deputation of the decision in writing. Where it has been determined the deputation will be heard, a convenient time will be arranged for that purpose, and an appropriate time period allowed.

For deputations comprising three or more persons, only three persons may address Council unless the Councillors at the meeting determine otherwise by resolution. A deputation shall be given adequate opportunity to explain the purpose of the deputation.

If a member of the deputation other than the appointed speakers interjects or attemps to address Council, the Chairperson may finalise the deputation.

The Chairperson may terminate an address by a person in a deputation at any time where:

  • The Chairperson is satisfied that the purpose of the deputation has been sufficiently explained to the Councillors at the meeting;
  • The time period allowed for a deputation has expired; or
  • The person uses insulting or offensive language or is derogatory towards Councillors or staff members.

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