Caravan parks and camping grounds

Caravan park by a pond web

Who requires an approval?

Council’s Environmental Health Services licenses and regulates caravan parks and camping grounds in the Bundaberg region in accordance with Council’s Local Laws.

Premises are inspected annually to ensure that they are maintained in a clean, hygienic condition and that they provide appropriate facilities.

Any business, entity or person operating a facility that provides the use of an area of land for accommodation in any of the following:

  • caravan
  • cabin
  • tent or other structure that can be readily assembled and disassembled
  • relocatable home

Prior to applying for a permit, approval must be sought from Council’s Planning Department with regards to the use of the land.

It is also recommended that Council’s Trade Waste Department be contacted to determine if a trade waste permit is required.

Application – Caravan Park/Camping Grounds