Think Food Safe

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What is Think Food Safe?

Think food safEFood safety matters to business, consumers and Council. This is why Council have introduced the Think Food Safe food rating program.         

Think Food Safe is a voluntary program designed by Council to be more inclusive and promote good food safety practices to all complying food premises. 

It is about maintaining safe food for our community and helping food business to achieve good food safety practices.

Think Food Safe replaces the Eat Safe Bundaberg program and will provide incentives to more food premises and mobile food businesses than ever before.

Businesses that proactively monitor the highest risk food safety components of their business (i.e. temperatures of refrigerated foods) will be able to recognise food safety risks and take action to prevent a bigger problem.

Think Food Safe is about encouraging businesses to proactively monitor food safety to uphold the national food safety standards and reduce food safety risks to consumers.

Council has adopted this program to also recognise and reward businesses that uphold good food safety practices.