Think Food Safe


What is Think Food Safe?

Think food safEFood safety matters to businesses, consumers and Council. This is why Council has introduced the Think Food Safe rating program. As the name suggests, Council wants businesses to Think about their approach to consistently producing Food that is Safe and suitable. 

Think Food Safe is a voluntary program initiated by Council in 2021 to promote food safety within the Bundaberg Region. The program aims to support food businesses to maintain good food safety practices and ensure safe food for the community.

All food businesses must comply with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards. Think Food Safe assesses businesses against these basic standards and provides incentives for businesses to enhance their food safety by maintaining relevant food safety monitoring records. 

Council's Health Services support businesses to achieve food safety through:

  • Conducting routine food safety inspections
  • Providing free temperature monitoring books
  • Providing templates for record keeping
  • Offering ongoing advice and support on food safety topics

Program incentives include:

  • Applying annual licence fee discounts of 10% - 30% for eligible and compliant businesses
  • Reducing inspection frequency for eligible and compliant businesses
  • Providing the Think Food Safe sticker for eligible and compliant businesses to display to the community



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