Think Food Safe

Incentives for businesses

Those who sign up to the program, maintain compliance and display the Think Food Safe logo will be rewarded with licence incentives and less frequent inspections. 

Think food safe web table

  • Excellent food safety practices: Excellent compliance with the national food safety standards. 0-2 low risk items identified at inspection.
  • Good food safety practices: General compliance with the national food safety standards. 3-6 low-risk items identified at inspection that can be easily corrected.
  • Excellent food safety monitoring & records: Temperature monitoring and recording at multiple stages (food receipt, food storage, food display, food transport).
  • Basic food safety monitoring & records: Monitoring and recording refrigeration temperatures twice daily. Corrective actions taken when identified.

Council’s new Think Food Safe program will be easier and fairer and will apply for all food premises inspections from 31 July 2021.