Water supply

Drinking water quality policy statement

Bundaberg Regional Council is committed to effective management of its drinking water supplies to provide safe drinking water to residents.

To achieve this Bundaberg Regional Council, in partnership with its stakeholders, will:

  • Work towards achieving compliance with the health and aesthetic guideline value set in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Maintain regular monitoring of drinking water quality and establish effective reporting mechanisms to provide timely and relevant information to stakeholders, including the Chief Health Officer and the community
  • Use a risk-based approach to identify and manage any threat to drinking water quality at all points of the water supply path, from source water to the consumer
  • Advocate for source protection and primacy of drinking water supply in catchments and implement relevant catchment management activities
  • Develop and maintain a water quality incident and complaint register and engage with the community to assist in the identification, reporting and resolution of water quality issues, where possible.
  • Develop and implement incident and emergency response plans and undertake exercises to measure the effectiveness of those plans
  • Participate in research and development activities to ensure continued understanding of drinking water quality issues and priorities in Queensland
  • Consider needs and expectations of our stakeholders, including residents and regulators, in our planning processes
  • Review and improve our practices by assessing performance against corporate commitments, stakeholder expectations and criteria included in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Implement a quality assurance plan and continuous improvement practices

Bundaberg Regional Council will develop and implement a drinking water quality management system consistent with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to effectively manage risks to drinking water quality.