Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

MRF recycling process

Processing recyclables at the MRF.

Conveyor belts

Recycling emptied onto load conveyor belts.  Material travels up the belts to the first work station.

MRF conveyor belt
Pre-sort station

This is the first step in the recycling separating process and where the contamination items are removed.

MRF pre sort station
Conveyor belts/trommel 

Trommel is a large rotating cylinder that sorts recyclable items by size

Containers and bottles (glass, plastic, aluminium) fall through bigger holes to travel up to the sort line

Paper and cardboard come out the end onto the paper sort belt

Steel is removed by a big magnet at the end of the trommel and drops into a storage cage for crushing

MRF conveyor belt trommel
Paper sort belt

Bottles, plastic and other waste are removed from this belt when items pass by

Paper and cardboard then fall down a chute onto an incline feed conveyor to the baler

MRF paper sort belt
Sort line

Plastic, glass and aluminium is sorted by hand into various categories into big storage cages

MRF sort line
Glass silos

Glass is removed by hand via the sort line and travels outside to the glass storage silos

MRF glass silos
Bales of processed recycling:
Cardboard PET and HDPE Steel Cans 
Bale of cardboard Bales of PET and HDPE Bale of steel cans

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